Aris Elijah Pugal Foundation (AEPF) USA


Aris Elijah Pugal Foundation (AEPF) USA is a 501(c)(3) California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. The specific purposes of this corporation are to promote and support programs that showcase and encourage youth creativity.

On the evening of September 4, 2010, AJ Pugal (20 year old then)was shot and died on the scene in a Mira Mesa community.  AJ was a very loving, friendly, and a God-fearing man and had no known enemy.  He was simply a victim of wrongdoings of some and happened to be in a wrong place and in a wrong time.  Nevertheless, we all know that it was God’s appointed time for AJ that night. After two years of grieving for their unexpected loss, AJ parents; Abdon and Mayette Pugal approached some close friends to start a foundation on AJ’s behalf on Feb 2012.  Through many prayers and dedication of friends, AEPF USA was born in March 6, 2013 and received its 501(c)(3) last July 3, 2014 from IRS to be federally exempt from income tax.

AJ Pugal left a great legacy for youths to emulate, thus the Board of Directors below would like to encourage you to partner with us on this great cause.  All current Board of Directors are volunteers and proceeds received will be awarded in the form of scholarship, sponsorship or donation on school activities for qualified schools and individuals, as well support to crime prevention and gang violence.

Board of Directors

President: Joey Baluyot turning over to Elizabeth Penaflor

Vice-PresidentJuven Egana (Navy Veteran/Federal Service/Homeland Security)

Secretary: Joeferson Gawaran (Marine Corps Veteran / Businessman)

Treasurer: Turnover process in place between Alice Bartolome and Grace Mendoza 

Assistant TreasurerTrent Baskerville (U.S. Army Recruiter)

Director: Martin Nunez (Deputy District Attorney, East County)

DirectorEzekiel Pugal

Director: Zack Quilici

Director: Chris Mendoza



AEPF looks to support other groups and organizations with art programs for young adults.  Selection is year round and we have a very minimal admin oversight to maintain this organization thus maximizing funds available to all recipients.  We encourage you to support AEPF and you will have access to tax exempt benefits per our 501(c)(3) status.


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2016 Golf Fundraising Awardees



Aris Elijah Pugal Foundation (AEPF) USA is a 501(c)(3) California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.

Mission Statement

“Utilizing the fine art and culture of San Diego to promote peace in our community”

Vision Statement

AEPF is a memorial foundation geared towards enriching the lives of youth through the arts. Its development was a result of Aris Elijah Pugal’s untimely death by a gang member on September 4, 2010, in San Diego, CA, just a couple days before his 21st birthday. By raising funds for youth art programs, AEPF hopes to contribute to the lives of children and young adults by providing purpose and enhancing the quality of life through art.


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